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2014 Theme: I Live Abundantly!

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July 20, 2014 ~ Topic: Heaven Awaits

Let us ponder for a moment on what we as individuals believe heaven to be. Is it a place or destination hopefully to be attained when we leave this mortal body, perhaps by adhering to a specific set of rules laid down by a particular religion or is it a state of mind?   In the glossary to The Science Of Mind, Ernest Holmes wrote: “A state of happiness . . . the result of that atmosphere of conviction, which our thought awakens within us. The Kingdom of Heaven is unformed, unlimited, unconditioned. Heaven is not a place . . . It is the real state of Being . . . eternal Reality.” Today, we consider how to achieve that state of being . . . the sense of being in heaven right here and right now. The journey has just begun, the journey to inner peace and joy, the journey to the life we were created to live . . . in a state of heaven on earth.

by Catherine Carriere, RScP Emeritus

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